Stereo fixed (2016), SuperCollider and montage

In Breakpoint I explored diverse strategies in dealing with sound similarity and concatenative synthesis and their application in the construction of complex sonic textures and timbral transitions. While dealing with the exploration of two-dimensional clusters of sound grains grouped according to spectral similarity, I felt the needing for a less predictable and more emergent approach in accessing the content of these ephemeral sonic clouds. Thus, I wrote a system where I could have an arbitrary number of ‘virtual explorers’ that could substitute the usage of the mouse as a [single] spectral pointer. Whenever each of these agents would encounter a specific sound grain, that grain is played back. They would move autonomously within the timbral space according to a set of simple rules that simulates the behavior of a swarm. The movement of each particle is in fact influenced both by the behavior of each other member, as well as by the actual timbral region he is wandering in. This strategy allowed me to generate various organic textures and large timbral movements that I extensively used to compose the piece. The formal structure contrasts with the fluid organicity of the generated materials, by exhibiting arbitrary superimposed fractures that scatter the homogeneity of the algorithmic processes.