Autotropo N.1

Robotic sound installation based on acoustic feedback as a generative principle. A lavalier microphone and a small loudspeaker are mounted at the tip of two microphone stands, which are modified by inserting two servo-motors in the middle joints. The upper brackets can thus move around, changing distances and angles between the microphone and the loudspeaker, and altering their acoustic relationship with the surrounding exhibition space. Further electronic processing is applied to the Larsen tones in order to generate sound developments which are sensible to these movements.

Daniele Pozzi · Autotropo
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Autotropo was developed for the As If They Were Flowers exhibition of the Autonomous Systems collective by The exhibition was hosted in July 2021 at Reagenz, Graz, with works by Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Alyssa Aska, Pablo Marina and Alisa Kobzar.