Strip & Embellish

Strip & Embellish is a young experimental live sound project founded in 2022 by Graz-based computer music duo Daniele Pozzi and Hanns Holger Rutz. Both have developed specific, individual digital instruments based on the SuperCollider sound synthesis language which are strongly linked together by plugging each other’s sound signal into many nodes and entry points of the opposite system, creating essentially a complex non-linear feedback process. The project name derives from the fact that, on the one hand, Daniele’s continuous effort is to strip down a complex feedback driven system as much as possible while maximising its expressive richness. On the other hand, Hanns Holger creates a signal graph during the first part of the concert that is then repeated in the second part as an “empty structure” which is now newly navigated and embellished by the altered live input signals. This is mirrored by Daniele’s approach of finding “snapshot points” in the structure that may be recalled during the performance.

Live at Piksel XX, Bergen NO, 27th Nov 2022.

Studio excerpt, raw and uncut. June 6th 2021

Strip & Embellish at ESC Medien Kunst Labor, Graz, June 25th 2022.

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